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Step 1: 3-Day Notices

It's very important that the 3-Day Notice is done properly before filing the case. A defective 3-Day Notice may result in, the case being dismissed, having to start the eviction process over, paying another filing fee to the court, and could result in paying the Tenant's legal fees if they hire an Attorney. Landlords that are not comfortable doing their own 3-Day Notice or that have any questions, should consult with an Attorney before proceeding.

Here are some things to be aware of when preparing a 3-Day Notice:

• Late fees or any other fees cannot be included unless it specifically states in the lease that such fees are deemed additional rent.

• The Tenant must be given 3 days, excluding Saturday, Sunday and legal holidays.

• The 3-Day Notice must include the landlord's name, address and telephone number.

• If a business address is being used that closes before midnight, the Tenant must be given 1 (one) extra day.

• If the landlord lives outside the county where the eviction is being filed or a P.O. Box is being used, the Tenant must be given an additional 5 (five) days to allow for mailing.

• If the landlord accepts any money from the Tenant at any time after the 3-Day Notice has been served or posted, the process must start over again.

A 3-Day Notice is available on the Forms page on this website free of charge or an Attorney may complete one. If the 3-Day Notice has already been completed and the 3 days have expired (excluding Saturday, Sunday, and legal holidays), proceed to the next step.

3-Day Notice3-Day Notice

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